Monday, January 24, 2011

Kelly Bliss answers Rachael Ray: You lost weight doing what?

In Today's show, Rachael Ray and Linda Evans commented on how awful it is for very thin people to have to "give up themselves" to maintain that painfully thin weight.  I had to write the show.  The only topic that I could find was the one below, and so this is what I wrote to Rachael:
Topic:  You lost weight doing what?
Subtopic:  Today Rachael and Linda Evans talked about people who are very thin having to “give up themselves” in order to maintain that weight.  There are people of all sizes who would have to live painfully regimented lives in order to maintain a weight lower than their natural set point.  And some of these people are medium and some are plus size.  Please consider doing a show on “HAES”, health professionals and activists who focus on health… at every size

Now back to the main topic to illustrate my point:  You lost weight doing what?
** At age 13 I lost weight by not eating anything at all for a week.
** At age 15 I lost weight by only eating grapefruits for a month.
** At age 19 I lost weight by eating only 1000 calories per day
** At age 22 I lost weight by participating and then teaching “Safe Slimming” 
    (A Pennsylvania State University program much like Weight Watchers™)
** At age 23 I lost weight by throwing up 6 times a day and ruined my health.
** At age 24 I lost weight by running 3 hours a day and ruined my feet.
** At age 25 I lost weight by running a marathon and damaged my knees for the rest of my life.
** And then I vowed never to try to lose weight again and reclaimed my health and fitness.

In the 1980’s I became a personal fitness trainer and psychotherapist who focuses on health, not weight.
In the 1990’s I recovered from a serious head injury where I learned to talk and think all over again.
In 2011 I participated in the New Year’s ReVolution with a focus on Health At Every Size 

Please consider doing a show on the choice to focus on the ACTIONS of healthy living and body appreciation, instead of weight loss.  Please!  Nobody should have to live obsessively and give up themselves to maintain a lower weight which is not natural to them.  Thank you so much for considering this.  If you want to read more about this HAES concept, check out:

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