Monday, January 3, 2011

I started using trekking poles because my knees hurt ... from fat prejudice.

OMG!  You will not believe how cool these trekking poles are.  First, they REALLY take the pressure off of your knees when you walk.  But mostly they are FUN!

I started using trekking poles because my knees hurt ... from fat prejudice.  Yes, that is what I said.  My knees did not hurt from my weight, but rather from fear of fat (when I was younger) and fat prejudice in our culture.

Back when I believed the cultural myth that anyone could be lean if they just exercised more and ate less, I used to run three hours a day.  That is the amount of compulsive, eating disordered exercise that was necessary to keep me less fat.  (Even at that level of exercise I still counted as "overweight" by the ridiculous BMI charts.)  While running three hours a day my knees began to hurt.  What did the doctors tell me to do for my hurting knees?  They told me to lose weight.  So I ran more.  I ended up running a marathon at age 25 and being diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knees when I was 26 years old.  So you see, my knees have hurt most of my life ... from fat prejudice.

Back to trekking poles:  Whether I am walking through the Lansdowne, PA streets or hiking in one of our many parks, when I use my trekking poles I am sharing the work between my arms and legs.  It really reduces the stress on my knees and gives me a great workout in my arms too.

When I work with Lifestyle Coaching clients who have knee problems or balance issues, I often recommend they try this fun way to go walking.  I have gotten many rave reviews from those who have taken my suggestion.

When you go to this site and enter "trekking poles" in the search, you will find several selections.  The price range is from about $20 to $80.  I also made some poles that worked pretty well out of bamboo stalks.  But I had to keep replacing he rubber tips so often and repairing my homemade hand grips that I just bought a pair of real trekking poles.  The real ones are MUCH better to use.


Jennifer said...

Love this! I got the 'nordic walking poles' from Target for $20. I've only used them once as a heel spur is currently keeping me from doing much, but that one time was totally cool!

Kelly Bliss said...

Hi Jennifer,
Heel spurs are often related to plantar fasciitis. You may find this article on taking care of plantar fasciitis is also good for your heel spurs.

I often help coach people on how to maintain their fitness while accommodating some injury or healing process. I offer a FREE coaching for the first session. Just give me a call 610-394-2547 and we can talk further.

Walter Fennigan said...

These trekking poles look very compelling. I love trekking, and I think I need these poles to enjoy my adventure even more. I think I should consider these now as part of my tools and equipment along with the tent, sleeping bag, buck hoodlum and chocolates. I look forward to getting one of these.

Geoff Granfeld Jr said...

I admire your passion for trekking. But I think you should try to schedule yourself for a check-up.In my opinion, trimming a little bit of your weight can help your knees but that's not a sure thing. You can try podiatrists in NYC if you want to seek expert help.

Geoff Granfeld Jr

Anonymous said...

I've never tried ice skiing before. Some of my friends are very much into that kind of sport but not me. I'm not saying that I do not want it it's just maybe because I'm afraid of only stumbling.

Christian Hoffman

Kelly Bliss said...

Oh, Christian, these are NOT for skiing. (That is way too dangerous for me!) These poles are for walking. They are great for taking pressure off your knees and helping balance.

max den said...

Amazing post

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