Monday, March 14, 2011

Stigma is BIG Business

Pattie Thomas wrote a fabulous article: Stigma is BIG Business, Diets don't work, but they do make some people very rich.
By following the money, we can see profit motives have led to bad science, not to mention ineffective, harmful and costly health care. Stigmatizing fat is profitable; the FDA just upped the ante."

I get death threats monthly. Do you know why? Because I promote HAES(sm): that people should eat healthy, exercise enjoyably, AND appreciate the body they have today. That's all I say. But apparently this message stirs up such anger and fat hate in people that they send me hate mail and spew hate in the comments section to the YouTube videos in which I present this position.

As you read the comments to this article you probably will see the fat hate and rage clearly displayed again. It is dripping all over the internet in the comments to HAES(sm) positive articles and videos.
People are enraged at the health centered paradigm because they have spent so much of their time and money on the weight centered paradigm. The medical community and weight loss pushers are ignoring the health centered paradigm because it would cause them to lose their cash cow. The media ignores health centered paradigm because they have been swallowed up in the myth that everyone who eats healthy and exercises will be thin. 

Indeed, our culture is addicted to the quest for weight loss. We pour billions into the quest every year. For a short time, in the beginning of the weight loss fix, we are thrilled and elated. The media swoons with stories of great weight loss of individuals while ignoring the fact that 95% regain what they lost. Then later, when we come down from the fix and the body weight set point asserts itself, we crash ... shaking, lives falling apart and looking for our next weight loss fix, even if it includes mutilating perfectly functioning essential organs and inducing anorexic behaviors.

It is time to stop paying the weight loss pushers for a weight loss fix at any cost. It is time to stop the war on body size and start a campaign for health at every size. Every body of every size deserves respect and the opportunity for self-care and self-acceptance.

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