Monday, March 21, 2011

Today's Trays

Some of these issues are mine personally, some come up when I am talking with my clients in phone counseling sessions.  See if any of these issues might be present in your life:

  • difficulty eating enough fruits and veggies each day
  • wanting to graze in the evening, and sometimes eating foods without much nutrition or with too much salt (Boy, do evening salty snacks add to my night time swelling!  My poor eyelids don't really need all that stretching .. Ooo, is that TMI?)
  • being too busy to plan meals for the day.  I wonder if I really did get enough protein or calcium or whatever.
  • Heck, I wonder if I even took my vitamins (or meds)  today!

All of these issues were addressed or solved when I implemented this one simple concept  ...
Today's Trays.
  Here is how it works.  Each morning give yourself 3 minutes.  That is all this takes.
  1. Select a tray that you will leave on the counter (for non-perishables) and select a tray that you will leave on the top shelf of the refrigerator (for perishables).  Just for fun I have seasonal trays that brighten my mood.  Now that it is spring I may have to head to the Dollar Store and get some trays with flowers on them.
  2. Think about your day:  breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks.  Really think.  What do you hope to feed yourself today?  Keep in mind that you may like evening snacks, so plan on them.  Put your food for the day on Today's Trays. 
    Pull the fruit you hope to eat out of the fruit bowl and put it on your tray.  Grab the veggies from the crisper, the tuna can from the pantry, etc.  Oh, and don't forget the dark chocolate!  Just put all the food you hope your will eat on Today's Trays.  Leave one tray on the counter and put one tray in the fridge.  Now, enjoy how pretty it is and what nice self-care you are giving YOU. 
  3. Enjoy eating all day.  Have your breakfast from your trays.  Fill your lunch bag from your trays.  And at the end of the day when you have the munchies, you may realize it is because you still have a bunch of nutritious foods you have not yet eaten.  Enjoy them!
When you try this idea, please let me know how it goes (  What other problems does this idea solve for you?  What issues does it raise or bring to the surface?  What other cool ideas do you have that might be similar?  I really enjoy a simple practical action that affects many aspects of life!


rjoteach said...

I love this idea! Where do you purchase trays such as the ones shown? :)

Kelly Bliss said...

I get my trays at the Dollar Tree stores. I have some for springtime, summer, fall, holidays. At a dollar apiece, it is nice to have the variety. They stack up nicely and do not take up much room either.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. I've tried something similar, but I was thinking too much of things like one of those snack trays with the dip thing in the middle. This sounds much more intuitive.

Kelly Bliss said...

Yes, the idea is to think of what you want, what you hope for yourself ... from the inside out ... intuitive eating where your choices are easier to grab, where you are reminded of what you thought you might want. Of course, you can always change your mind, but this is a nice place to start.

paul said...

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