Monday, August 29, 2011

Today I started a new size-activist activity.  I posted several comments to articles about the war on obesity (today it was the war on children's fat bodies, but I will also post on the general war on fat bodies).  I intend to post a few comments daily.  If every size-activist did this, we would have hundreds, then thousands of HAES comments all over the web!  Here is one of the comments I posted today:

Winston-Salem declares war on childhood obesity 

It is wonderful that Winston-Salem leaders are planning a website and animated films to educate children about nutrition.   If the REASON for improved nutrition and more activity were to improve the health and well being of ALL children, then this would be fabulous. 

However, when the reason for the program the war on childhood obesity, then every fat kid is taught to feel bad about their bodies and every thin kid is taught that it is OK to target fat kids ... because the adults do! Also, when health programs target obese children, it gives the message to the thin kids that they are just fine, no matter how they eat or if they are active. 

Please stop participating in the war on obese children and change your program to "HEALTHY LIFESTYLES FOR ALL CHILDREN".  We need a focus on Health At Every Size for all children, not a war on fat bodies.

You can accomplish this by taking all the size negative comments out of the literature and NOT making body size the goal.  Instead, remain size neutral and make HEALTH for all sizes the goal.  For the children's sake, please consider these changes.

Kelly Bliss M.Ed., A.C.E.
Psychotherapist and Plus Size Fitness Professional
Professional Member of the Association for Size Diversity and Health
Promoter of Health At Every Size®, a new peace movement.