Tuesday, December 20, 2011

4 Steps to treat yourself well this week!

(This all happened on a holiday week.  But it is good self-care any week.)
A client was frustrated because she was eating more sugar than she wanted to eat.  Notice, she was not vilifying sugar or any food.  Food is just food.  However, she had already noticed that for her eating too much sugar reduced the amount of nutrient dense foods she ate and made her feel sluggish.  So she wanted to get a balance in her eating for better nutrition and energy. Eating less sugar was part of what made her feel better.

As a "Health At Every Size®", non-diet, lifestyle coach, what did I suggest?

4 Steps to treat yourself well this week!  
… (and then notice how your nutrition and energy are doing)
  1. So that you are nutritionally and enjoyably satisfied, ask yourself:  "Did I eat enough today?"  How was your breakfast?  Your lunch?  Your snacks?  In general, make sure you eat enough and see what that does to your cravings for sweets.
  2.  Eat Some Fruit 1st, before you eat some "entertainment foods" that are sweet but have little nutrition.  Sometimes we crave sweets when our bodies are craving some nutrient in fruits.  Sometimes just eating a delicious piece of fruit is satisfying enough.  Sometimes not.  That is fine.  You are just choosing what you want and trying to listen to all of your needs.
  3. If you still want a sweet, Go Get ONE!  Yep, go get ONE.  Savor it.  Enjoy every bit of it.  For me, I walk to the local cafe when I want a sweet.  For someone else, they may take one sweet off the office tray.  In any case, enjoy ONE.  And see if you might be satisfied with that.  If not, have another.  If you are wanting even more, ask yourself:  "Is this what I really need, or do I need something else?"  (Did you eat some fruit 1st?)
  4. Try this amazing way to end your day and start your evening: “Fruit & Relax Drive Home”.  Here is how this fabulous self-care exercise goes:
  • At the end of the work day don't drive home.  Instead, get in your car, turn on some relaxing music, and eat an apple or some other convenient fruit BEFORE you begin to drive.  
  • This way you drive home relaxed.  You arrive home with stable blood sugar and you have some nice fiber in your system.
Did you notice that I did NOT say "you should eat less sweets"?   That is because I do not want to trigger any of your diet war wounds from years of dieting.  We all know too well that the first day of food restriction brings you one day closer to a binge!

Instead, I encourage you to meet your needs and see what effect that has on the balance of nutrients in your life.  That's all.  Just treat yourself well and see how you feel.